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Back 2 Normal PT is offering Healthy Holidays Survivor Classes! Click here for more information: Let’s focus on overall wellness, inside and out regardless if you are a size 2, 8 or a 12.  In this size does not matter. There is so...

Lisa Chase

At Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy we are committed to providing our clients with extensive one-on-one care with the same physical therapist that caters to their particular...
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Sports Performance

Looking for the edge or ways to prevention injuries? These sports performance services are available to professional, elite, collegiate and high school athletes to...
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Injury Management

Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, Back 2 Normal can help get you back in the game and perform your best. The following are physical...
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    Back 2 Normal’s “BERESPONSIBLE” campaign was launched on January 9, 2015. The campaign has been such a... [read more]

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    This month's BeResponsible Spotlight is Suki. Here is what Suki had to say about her progress working with... [read more]

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    How Your Sense of Smell Can Help You Control Your Emotions. Have you ever entered a room and been... [read more]

  • Yoga

    Have you ever entered a room and smelled something that seemed to bring you back in time? Those familiar... [read more]

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    In 2015, Back 2 Normal kicked off it’s “beresponsible” campaign. Our focus with this campaign was to... [read more]

  • Weight Management in the Milatary

    Can poor weight management actually be a threat to our national security? Sounds dramatic? Maybe, but... [read more]


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