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Lisa Chase

At Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy we are committed to providing our clients with extensive one-on-one care with the same physical therapist that caters to their particular...
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Sports Performance

Looking for the edge or ways to prevention injuries? These sports performance services are available to professional, elite, collegiate and high school athletes to...
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Injury Management

Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, Back 2 Normal can help get you back in the game and perform your best. The following are physical...
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  • Christmas-party

    Let’s focus on overall wellness, inside and out regardless if you are a size 2, 8 or a 12.  In this size... [read more]

  • FullSizeRender

    This month's Be Responsible Spotlight is on Karen Mayer. beresponsible_web Here is what Karen shared with us about his... [read more]

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    This month's Be Responsible Spotlight is on Patrick McGinnis. Patrick has participated in physically... [read more]

  • Sleep_woman

    It may sound like life is just passing us by when you realize a third of life is spent sleeping. But... [read more]

  • Be-Responsible-Jay-Pic_blog

    This month's Be Responsible Spotlight is on Jay Tucker. Initially Jay was a regular patient of Dr. Murray,... [read more]

  • cellulite1

    Cellulite is the nemesis for every woman's body. Unfortunately creams and gels can do nothing to actually... [read more]


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